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Whats New?

EuroHaptics 2004
EuroHaptics 2004 was held between the 5th and 7th of June 2004. It was hosted by Technische Universität München, and organised by Martin Buss, Marc Ernst and Matthias Harders. Three days of intensive paper and poster sessions were capped off by keynote speakers including Vincent Hayward, Robert Howe and Hiroo Iwata.

A feedback form was distributed at the end of the conference. The results of this survey are available here

Copies of the Eurohaptics 2004 proceedings are available for purchase. Prices are 30 Euro for a print copy, 20 Euro for a CD and 40 Euro for both print and CD. Please contact to order copies.

There is also a picture gallery from the 2004 conference

Editors:Buss, M., Fritschi, M. & H. Esen



MIAMM: Lessons Learned in Haptic & Tactile Interaction
J. Williams, G. Michelitsch, H.-J. van Veen, S. Goronzy
Download pdf

Efficient and Accurate Simulation of Friction using a Multi-asperity Surface Contact Model
Y. Zhang, R. Phillips
Download pdf

A GPU-friendly Method for Haptic and Graphic Rendering of Deformable Objects
M. de Pascale, G. de Pascale, D. Prattichizzo, F. Barbagli
Download pdf

Development of a velocity ellipse navigation algorithm in virtual environments using force feedback
I.-B. Yoon, Y.-H. Chai
Download pdf

Hardware 1
HapticWalker - A novel haptic device for walking simulation
H. Schmidt
Download pdf

Mediators: Virtual Interfaces with Haptic Feedback
P. Lemoine, M. Gutierrez, F. Vexo, D. Thalmann
Download pdf

Design of a Haptic Forceps for Microsurgery Training
E. Burdet, R. Gassert, F. Mani, F. Wang, C.L. Teo, H. Bleuler
Download pdf

A passive stringed haptic system for immersive environments
A. Paljic, S. Coquillart
Download pdf

A Novel Haptic Sensor-Actuator System for Virtual Reality
H. Böse et al.
Download pdf

Applications I
Display of Virtual Braille Dots by Lateral Skin Deformation: A Pilot Study
J. Pasquero, V. Levesque, V. Hayward, M. Legault
Download pdf

Touching geometry for visually impaired pupils
S. Rouzier, B. Hennion, T. Pérez-Segovia, D. Chêne
Download pdf

Vibrotactile movement initiation
C. Jansen, A. Oving, H.-J. van Veen
Download pdf

An Evaluation of Substrates for Tactile Displays: Scanning Speed and User Preferences
S. Jehoel, S. Ungar, D. McCallum, J. Rowell
Download pdf

Optimisation of Spatial Electrocutaneous Display Parameters for Sensory Substitution
W.K. Vos, D.G. Buma, P.H. Veltink
Download pdf

Hardware II
Design and Performance of a Two-Dimensional Tactile Slip Display
T.E. Murphy, R.J. Webster, A.M. Okamura
Download pdf

SPIDAR G&G: A New Two-Handed Haptic Interface for Bimanual VR Interaction
J. Murayama, L. Bougrila, Y.L. Luo, K. Akahane, S. Hasegawa, B. Hirsbrunner, M. Sato
Received best paper award
Download pdf

A multi-level haptic rendering concept
A. Kheddar, A. Drif, J. Citérin, B. Le Mercier
Download pdf

Applications II
Real Walking in Virtual Environments A new Experimental Device
M.M. Popp, E. Gouy, J. Holtmannspötter
Download pdf

Waypoint Navigation on Land: Different Ways of Coding Distance to the Next Waypoint
H.-J. van Veen, M. Spapé, J. van Erp
Download pdf

Vibrotactile Waypoint Navigation at Sea and in the Air: two Case Studies
J.B.F. van Erp, C. Jansen, T. Dobbins, H.A.H.C. van Veen
Download pdf

Task-based abstraction of haptic and multisensory applications
J. De Boeck, C. Raymaekers, E. Cuppens, T. De Weyer, K. Coninx
Download pdf

3D Modelling Is Not For WIMPs Part II: Stylus/Mouse Clicks
D. Gauldie, M. Wright, A. M. Shillito
Download pdf

Application Based Assessment of Frictional Properties for Haptic Data Visualisation
S. Wall, S. Brewster
Download pdf

Perception and Psychophysics I
Auditory modulation of tactile taps perception
J.-P. Bresciani, M.O. Ernst, K. Drewing, G. Bouyer, V. Maury, A. Kheddar
Download pdf

Roughness and spatial density judgments on visual and haptic textures using virtual reality
K. Drewing, M.O. Ernst, S.J. Lederman, R. Klatzky
Download pdf

Role of Force Cues in the Haptic Perception of Length
P. Wydoodt, E. Gentaz
Download pdf

Effects of Surface Properties on Haptic Perception of the Form of Virtual Objects
G. Jansson, C. Pieraccioli
Download pdf

Detection of Torque Vibrations Transmitted Through a Passively-Held Rotary Switch
S. Yang, H.Z. Tan, P. Buttolo, M. Johnston
Download pdf

Improving human haptic sensing in normal and impaired human populations through activation-based learning
H.R. Dinse, M. Tegenthoff
Download pdf

Applications III
Virtual Environment for Exploring Atomic Bonding
Ch.M. Sauer, W.A. Hastings, A.M. Okamura
Download pdf

Application of Force Feedback in Robot Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery
I. Nagy, H. Mayer, A. Knoll
Download pdf

Multi-sensorial interaction with a nano-scale phenomenon: the force curve
S. Marliere, D. Urma, J.-L. Florens, F. Marchi
Download pdf

A Dynamic Haptic-Audio Traffic Environment
Ch. Magnusson, K. Rassmus-Gröhn
Download pdf

Experimental Study of Haptic Interaction in Distributed Virtual Environments
R.T. Souayed, D. Gaiti, W. Yu, G. Dodds, A. Marshall
Download pdf

Virtual Sculpting and Multi-axis Polyhedral Machining Planning Methodology with 5-DOF Haptic Interface
W. Zhu, Y.-S. Lee
Download pdf

Perception and Psychophysics II
Psychophysical Size Discrimination using Multi-fingered Haptic Interfaces
S. McKnight, N. Melder, A.L. Barrow, W.S. Harwin, J.P. Wann
Download pdf

Integration of Tactile Flow from Multi-Finger and Multi-Dimensional Information
D. Dente, A. Pisani, E.P. Scilingo, A. Bicchi
Download pdf

Perception of visual and tactile flow activates common cortical areas in the human brain
E. Ricciardi, N. Vanello, D. Dente, N. Sgambelluri, E.P. Scilingo, C. Gentili, L. Sani, V. Positano, F.M. Santarelli, M. Guazzelli, J.V. Haxby, L. Landini, A. Bicchi, P. Pietrini
Download pdf

Tactile processing of different object categories involves extrastriate visual cortical areas in the human brain
E. Ricciardi, M.L. Furey, M.I. Gobbini, M. Guazzelli, J.V. Haxby, P. Pietrini
Download pdf

Hardware III
Dielectric Elastomer Actuators for A Portable Force Feedback Device
R. Zhang, A. Kunz, G. Kovacs, S. Michel, A. Mazzone
Download pdf

System for performance measures of predictive grip in a dynamic haptic environment
N. Roach, A.G. Witney, A.M. Wing
Download pdf

Tilt and Feel: Scrolling with Vibrotactile Display
I. Oakley, J. Angeslevä, S. Hughes, S. O'Modhrain
Download pdf

Haptic Gripper with Adjustable Inherent Passive Properties
E.C. Fritz, G.A.V. Christiansson, R.Q. van der Linde
Download pdf

A Magnetically-Actuated Friction Feedback Mouse
C. Schneider, T. Mustufa, A.M. Okamura
Download pdf


Haptic Chameleon
G. Michelitsch, M. Osen, J. Williams, B. Jimenez, S. Rapp
Download pdf

Touchpad-Driven Haptic Communication using a Palm- Sized Vibrotactile Array with an Open-Hardware Controller Design
C.W. Borst, C.D. Cavanaugh
Download pdf

A Combined Haptic Interface and its Application on the Pre-Operative Planning for Total Hip Replacement
N.G. Tsagarakis, Y. Sarakoglou, D.G. Caldwell
Download pdf

Supportive Pointing Operation Support by Haptic Device
T. Miyamoto, T. Miyasato
Download pdf

ERGOS : A multi-Degrees of freedom and Versatile Force-Feedback Panoply
J.-L. Florens, A. Luciani, C. Cadoz, N.Castagné
Download pdf

The Use of Haptic and Pseudo-Haptic Feedback for the Technical Training of Milling
F. Crison, A. Lécuyer, A. Savary, D.Mellet-d'Huart, J.-M. Burkhardt, J.-L. Dautin
Download pdf

The Haptik Library: a Component based Architecture for Haptic Devices Access
M. de Pascale, G. de Pascale, D. Prattichizzo, F. Barbagli
Download pdf

Haptics-based 3D B-spline Curve Sketch Using Multi-resolution and Two-handed Techniques
Z. Goa, I. Gibson
Download pdf

Effect of haptic device's position resolution on stability
D. Wang, Y. Zhang
Download pdf

Contact Modelling for Real-Time Simulation in Telepresence Applications
A. Golle, H. Ulbrich, F. Pfeiffer
Download pdf

Springhead: Open source haptic software for virtual worlds with dynamics simulations
S. Hasegawa, N. Okada, J. Baba, Y. Tazaki, H. Ichikawa, A. Shirai, Y. Koike, M. Sato
Download pdf

Modeling Large Deformation in Soft-tissues: Experimental results and Analysis
T. Hu, J.P. Desai
Download pdf

Multi-Modal 3D Geographical Information Systems with Haptic Interface
M. Ren, K. Hikichi, K. Sezaki
Download pdf

The 9 DOF Haptic Display of the Munich Knee Simulator: Setup and Experimental Results
M. Frey, J. Hoogen, R. Riener
Download pdf

Interactive childbirth simulator with haptic feedback: Preliminary design
A. Kheddar, C. Devine, M. Brunnel, O.Sibony
Download pdf

Minimally Invasive Surgery: Empirical Comparison of Manual and Robot Assisted Force Feedback Surgery
B. Demel, T. Ortmaier, H. Weiss
Download pdf

Interactive Graph Manipulation Tools Enhanced with Low-Frequency Tactile and Force Feedback
J. Raisamo, R. Raisamo, K. Kangas
Download pdf

Augmented Reality User Interface for Nanomanipulation using Atomic Force Microscopes
W. Vogl, M. Sitti, M. Ehrenstrasser, M.F. Zäh
Download pdf

Haptic Tele-Assembly over the Internet
S. Hirche, B. Stanczyk, M. Buss
Download pdf

Haptics in Computer Music: a Paradigm Shift
N. Castagne, C. Cadoz, J.-L. Florens, A. Luciani
Download pdf

Hardware and software components for a new internet-based multimodal tele-control experiment with haptic sensation
H. Brandtstädter, J. Schneider, F. Freyberger
Download pdf

A Haptic Training Simulation for Paper Conservation: Preliminary Results
A. Geary, M. Sandy
Download pdf

Haptic Water; Haptics on an Animated Surface
M. Reuvekamp, J. Zwiers, P. Lammertse
Download pdf

Haptic-GDraw: A Fun and Easy to Use 3D Haptically- Enhanced Sculpting Program
R. Komerska, C. Ware
Download pdf

Analysis and Design of a New Haptic Box Display Based on Magneto-Rheological Fluids
N. Sgambelluri, R. Rizzo, R.P. Scilingo, M. Raugi, A. Bicchi
Download pdf

A 2-dof Spherical Remote-Center-of-Motion Manipulator for Haptic Interaction
U. Spaelter, Th. Moix, D. Ilic, M. Bajka, H. Bleuler
Download pdf

Two New Commercial Haptic Rotary Controller
D. Grant
Download pdf

A compatibility test for tactile displays designed for fMRI studies
V. Hartwig, N. Vanello, R. Grassert, D. Chapuis, M. F. Santarelli, V. Positano, E. Ricciardi, P. Pietrini, L. Landini, A. Bicchi
Download pdf

Haptic Interaction Rendering Technique for HIRO: an Opposite Human Hand Haptic Interface
M.O. Alhalabi, V. Daniulaitis, H. Kawasaki, Y. Tanaka, T. Hori
Download pdf

Characterizing the 3D Tracking Performance of an Haptic Device
F. L. Di Alessio, M. Nitti, F. Renna, G. Attolico, A. Distante
Download pdf

Morphing the SmartMesh: Proposing a Novel Control Architecture
A. Mazzone, C. Spagno, A. Kunz
Download pdf

An Endoscopic Grasper Tool with a Supported Piezoelectric Tactile Sensor
J. Dargahi, S. Najarian
Download pdf

Direct 3-D Force Measurement Capability in an Automated Laparoscopic Grasper
G. Tholey, A. Pillarisetti, W. Green, J.P. Desai
Download pdf

Sensorized and Actuated Instruments for Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery
U. Seibold, B. Kuebler, H. Weiss, T. Ortmaier, G. Hirzinger
Download pdf

Flexible and Configurable Haptic Environments through Virtual Graphical Force Sensors
M.F. Zäh, S.M. Clarke
Download pdf

Bimanual Haptic Telepresence Technology Employed to Demining Operations
A. Kron, G. Schmidt
Download pdf

The Haptic Kymograph: Towards Transmission of Diagnostic Vital Signs
Y. Kim, T. Kesavadas
Download pdf

Design and evaluation of Hapticons for enriched Instant Messaging
L. Rovers, H. van Essen
Download pdf

Improving force feedback perception using low bandwidth teleoperation devices
M. Ferre, R. Aracil, J.M. Bogado, R.J. Saltarén
Download pdf

Construction and first evaluation of a newly developed tactile Shear Force Display
M. Fritschi, K. Drewing, R. Zopf, M.O. Ernst, M. Buss
Download pdf

Measuring Point Localization Errors in Spatiotemporal Tactile Stimulus Patterns
A.M. Stolle, R. Hölzl, D. Kleinböhl, A. Mrsic, H.Z. Tan
Download pdf

The Effects of Co-location of Visual and Haptic Space on Judgments of Form
G. Jansson, M. Öström
Download pdf

Bimanual Size Estimation: No Automatic Integration of Information across the Hands
C. Lange, R.L. Klatzky, M.O. Ernst
Download pdf

Effect of attention on multimodal cue integration
H.B. Helbig, M.O. Ernst
Download pdf

Role of Points of Inflection in the Kinaesthetic Perception of Euclidean Distance and the Detour Effect
H. Faineteau, E.Gentaz, P. Viviani
Download pdf

Does Performance in the Face of Delayed Sensory Feedback Change with Practice?
C. Jay, R. Hubbold
Download pdf

Can Haptic Search be Parallel? Not When Using a Cross as a Target and Circles as Distractors
K.E. Overvliet, J.B.J. Smeets, E. Brenner
Download pdf

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