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Whats New?

Call for Nomination for the EuroHaptics Ph.D. Award 2013
Every year the EuroHaptics Society awards a prize for the best Ph.D. thesis of the year. The EuroHaptics Society Ph.D. Award competition is open to all candidates, who in the broad sense disserted on a topic of relevance to the science and/or technology of haptics in the year 2013.

This year the award is endowed with 1000 EUR.

Candidates must be a member of the EuroHaptics Society or must have a recommendation by a EuroHaptics Society member. Each nomination will be competitively reviewed. The EuroHaptics Society Best Ph.D. Award will be announced at the ceremony taking place at the EuroHaptics 2014 conference in Versailles, France. The winning candidate will be allowed to present a talk on the topic of his/her thesis at this meeting.

Deadline for nomination for the 2013 award is 31st of December 2013.

The purpose of EuroHaptics Society is to contribute to and promote the advancement of Haptics, all over the world, but with a focus on Europe, by suitable means. In particular by forming the official body organizing the EuroHaptics conference, by organizing other workshops and events on Haptics, by disseminating information about Haptics, and by establishing relations with other similar associations, national or international.

Please send the nomination via email to Jan van Erp, member of the EuroHaptics Executive Board and secretary to the PhD award committee. . The nomination should include the PhD thesis in pdf format (written in English or translated into English), a CV of the candidate including publication list, a recommendation letter by the supervisor, in which the relevance of the thesis is explained, together with a statement about the originality of the thesis and its contribution to the field, and the membership information of the candidate or a letter of recommendation of a EuroHaptics Society member.

On behalf of the EuroHaptics Society,

Marc Ernst

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